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Meet the wonderful islands

Picture postcard perfect? The reality is even more extraordinary, exotic, and surprising. Travellers who have experienced this earthly and marine paradise can only think of going back.

Papeete and Tahiti International Airport are the doorway to a world of natural beauty, cultural wealth, simple joys and pure emotions. This is the entrance to the five archipelagos and 118 islands of French Polynesia. It would be a shame not to walk through the door! You will be struck by the sheer force of attraction exerted by a maritime region as vast as Europe and only consisting of 4,000 sqkm of land. But what land! Brilliant jewels of the ocean, miniature Eden gardens hidden in the vastness, and a whole host of little gems that are sure to leave an impression.

The magnificence of Polynesia lies in its diversity. Tahiti and her sisters reflect the life stages of a volcanic island lost in the waves. From abrupt emergence, like the Marquesas, to the age of reason, like Bora Bora and Moorea; from lagoons to mountains to flat sand atolls, like the Tuamotu Archipelago. One begins in the lagoon, and at the end of the geological phenomenon, in a coral reef with motus outcroppings - these minimalist islands of white sand and coconut trees are enough to make us all happy travellers.

However, relaxation is not always an end in itself. Not that this is a problem: water and winter sports are practiced throughout Polynesia in a spirit of excellence, from scuba diving and surfing to traditional canoe races - the best spots and world events can be found here.

Outside these exceptional sporting events there is no risk of overcrowding in Polynesia. The archipelagos are renowned for their high-quality tourism and idyllic holidays. Thanks to the caring hospitality of the Polynesians, the dream becomes reality. A reality where the good life, exploring, and a complete surrendering to the present takes full form. However, it is fascinating to delve into the past to discover the cultural and religious heritage of the islands, which was originally conquered by the Ma'ohi people. What a thrill to share the fervour of Polynesians for dance, songs, music, sculpture! And why not succumb to tattoo art, which was invented here? It will seem so obvious when you finally leave: you can truly say you have Polynesia in your skin.

When to go

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